Custom Training

Although all our training courses are designed for the sponsoring organization, some courses are custom designed to meet a company's very specific needs.

Customized training begins with careful evaluations of the team, its processes, and its needs. Examples include:

  • Train-the-Trainer - Preparing individuals to become corporate trainers, preparing a curriculum, developing exercises, and developing trainer's guidebooks.
  • Team Building Skills - Developing exercises that build teams; by reviewing the successes, failures, and difficulties being experienced by management and team members.
  • Customer Service Skills - Evaluating calls, developing "unscripted scripts," and training agents to better serve customers.

One-to-One Coaching:
All of the communication training outlined on our website is available through one-to-one coaching sessions. These sessions begin with careful evaluations of the professional's communication needs and then these needs are addressed through a series of one-to-one, in-person, coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions vary in length, but most average from 3 to 8 sessions for 1-hour at a time.

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